Friday, 17 April 2015

Use of Presentation & Ceremonial Swords

A ceremonial sword is an object which is used for ceremonial purpose to show the power and authority. These are mainly used by defense organization in any country. 

Although these presentation swords are manufactured with the original material which is used in a combat sword but ceremonial swords are  not used in combat. There finishing and decoration  are typically designed to show the status and power of an organization.

These ceremonial swords are given as awards for sporting, social or commercial achievement.Let’s discuss about  some military ceremonial swords and other presentation swords:

Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Sword- This majestic sword is used by Field Marshals and Generals till date. In the commemoration of her majesty Elizabeth II diamond jubilee, the cross hilted mameluke sword which is first bought by this sword is first brought to England by Duke of Wellington. The cross piece of the sword is gold plated.
Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Sword Windlass Sword

Fleet Air Arm Claymore- This presentation style Fleet Air Arm Claymore sword an apt sword for commemorating any kind of aviation presentation and anniversary.

Fleet Air Arm Claymore Windlass Sword

Marry Rose Sword- This sword has a great legend associated with it. The Marry Rose sank of Portsmouth in 1545. It remains there for nearly 450 years. When raised from the sea a basket hilted sword was found under the hull. This ceremonial swords are used by marry rose trust as a presentation piece for their flag officers.

Marry Rose Sword Windlass Sword

Police Commander’s Sword- This is  a modern sword which is developed in 1960’s as a presentation and ceremonial sword. The grip of this sword is urn-shaped metallic design and further continues in Hardwood.

Police Commander’s Sword Windlass Sword

Royal Air Force Claymore- This sword is one of the famous ceremonial and presentation sword. It is used in aviation and other ceremonial occasions. This is a version of the Scottish Claymore style sword.It is  a two handed sword with an eagle winged cross guard.

Royal Air Force Claymore Windlass Sword

Mason’s Court Sword- The sword is used by the masons boast of simplicity.These are simple cross hilted daggers carried by mansons and other friendly societies in accordance with rituals that have been done from long time. The sword is having a leather grip which is wrapped with wire around it.

Mason’s Court Sword Windlass Sword

Infantary Sword- This magnificent military ceremonial swords was last amended in 1897 and this is widely appreciated for its design and build.It is made up of carbon steel, the blade of the sword is double edged at the end.

Infantary Sword Windlass Sword

Cavalry Officer’s Sword- This 1912 cavalry sword is a version of 1908 Trooper’s sword.This sword is the last model of cavalry officer’s sword which was adopted.It has unique black fish skin grip, wired with silver plated copper.This cavalry authentic and its authenticity is enhanced by the carbon steel blade.

Cavalry Officer’s Sword Windlass Sword

These are the ceremonial and presentation swords which are used for different purposes and at different occasions.You can also get these ceremonial swords for sale and increase your collection of swords.These ceremonial swords are also used in navy as a royal navy ceremonial sword.

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