Sunday, 26 April 2015

Cavalry Swords & Its Types & History

Around the world, the cavalry swords were  considered as the most popular military swords used in the major wars in the past and even in the world wars as well. The British cavalry swords were also being used in the famous battles like Waterloo and the charge of the Light Brigade. Many of these military swords also posted their presence at the Napoleonic period, Crimean, Boer and First World War as well.

Today, these British military swords including the cavalry swords, Infantry swords, are not used in wars any more as they have been replaced by the automatic weapons of the modern times. They now have become memories of the past glories and at present they are being used as presentation swords and ceremonial swords at some occasions like National Day, Republic Day, or in any military ceremonies. 

Today, I am going to list some of the famous Cavalry swords and the history behind them.

The 1908 Pattern Cavalry Trooper's Sword

1908 Pattern Cavalry Trooper's Sword Windlasssword

Friday, 17 April 2015

Use of Presentation & Ceremonial Swords

A ceremonial sword is an object which is used for ceremonial purpose to show the power and authority. These are mainly used by defense organization in any country. 

Although these presentation swords are manufactured with the original material which is used in a combat sword but ceremonial swords are  not used in combat. There finishing and decoration  are typically designed to show the status and power of an organization.

These ceremonial swords are given as awards for sporting, social or commercial achievement.Let’s discuss about  some military ceremonial swords and other presentation swords:

Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Sword- This majestic sword is used by Field Marshals and Generals till date. In the commemoration of her majesty Elizabeth II diamond jubilee, the cross hilted mameluke sword which is first bought by this sword is first brought to England by Duke of Wellington. The cross piece of the sword is gold plated.
Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Sword Windlass Sword