Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Battle Ready Jade Lion Gim sword

The Jade Lion Jim Sword is a self defense civilian Wen Jian that is known as Scholar’s Sword, with a little flair other than the practical versions like Gim Sword specially made for the battlefield. This is a double bladed Chinese sword that is forging of swords began during the Han Dynasty and ultimately at some point during the Three Kingdoms period, the sword began being forged from steel.
Gim Sword

Cold Steel's battle worthy Gim (Wu Jian) is for serious collectors and practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts and amongst the most expensive in samurai swords.

This Jade sword series typically draws upon the same protective reputation, combining ceremonial, "dress" styling with "battle ready" performances. This also makes appropriate sense for the collectors specifically as well as martial artists in general. So you can say it is good for functional as well as decorative purposes.