Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Evolution Two Handed Swords

Evolution of two handed swords started from the 15th century. Two Handed swords are also called Zweihander sword. The name of Two handed swords is because this sword is only used with two hands. Two handed sword is very large in size  as its length is about 6 feet and weight  varies from 2-3 kgs. Two handed sword is mainly used for swing purpose, it is not effecting for thrusting. The swing attack to Two handed sword can crush heavy body armor.

Two handed swords are having two edged blades and the blade is completely straight. The hilt of two handed sword is two handed cruciform.These swords are well known as war swords which are used to destroy the enemy even if he is wearing armor and having a shield.

Now, lets know about different types of Two Handed Swords:

Elven Battle Sword- This incredible sword is the best companion for any Elven warrior. High carbon steel is used which makes it unbeatable Two handed swords.


Great Ouse River Sword-  This sword is the incredible peace of art found near ouse river at Ely in Cambridgeshire, England and kept in the museum. It is a thrusting and just like the original sword and very much light in weight.