Tuesday, 18 November 2014

3 Famous Legendary British Military Swords

The British Military swords are the one which were extensively used by the British Army and now they are owned by other people to have them as decorative pieces of item be it in museums or in their homes. The few military swords which I will be talking here will include Cavalry swords, Infantry swords and Military kukris.

Cavalry Swords

The Cavalry swords,  also known as Sabre or saber saw its importance as military in the 19th century, particularly in Napoleonic Wars to fight against enemies but later started diminishing as a weapon. Earlier the design of cavalry was heavy and tends to be longer than the regular ones. Many Cavalry officers used cavalry swords, but very few infantry officers used them as swords.

Monday, 15 September 2014

How to Tie Royal Navy Sword Knots

Not many of the people are aware of “sword knot” terminology as in what is its purpose and why we use it. The royal navy sword knots are a kind of ribbon or tassel (you can say) which is found at the side of the sword hilt (hilt is a handle of a sword which consists of a guard, grip and pommel). The sword knot is attached to either guard or pommel.     

Friday, 29 August 2014

British Household Cavalry Swords Revisited

The famous cavalry sword of 19th century was the most popular sword which was used to defeat enemies but which later started diminishing. The design of the cavalry sword was divided into three parts that is: - Trooper’s pattern, household cavalry swords, and the officer’s pattern. These swords were made beautifully with antique engravings embedded on it.

Famous British Military Sword

Monday, 11 August 2014

British Military Infantry Swords

The Infantryman has been equipped with the British military sword since the time immemorial. Both the Greeks and Romans achieved great skills in the use of such weapons but Spaniards in the 17th century first introduced the art of swordsmanship and the use of the point where previously there had been single or double edged weapons specially used for cutting purposes only.

In latter part of the 18th century, nearly all officers including Scottish regiments carried the sword and it was the most standard sword for British Army.

In 1803, a general order dated 18th March introduced a nearly new sword for Infantry Officers. It had a lion pommel and back-piece with knuckle-bow carried the royal cipher. The blade was curved and sometimes they were deeply curved and appeared as if it would be impossible to fight with them whereas others were slightly curved.

In 1822, all regiments of foot were given a new sword and in 1831 the blade was narrowed to 1 inch wide at the hilt. In 1834 field officers adopted brass scabbards for the sword. In 1846 the ramrod went back out and was replaced by the blade known as Wilkinson blade, which had a flat back and an even taper from the cutting edge.

The next military sword for Infantry officers came in 1892 and had sheet-steel guard patterned with scrolls and containing the royal cipher on the front.

Infantry Officer’s Sword 1822 Pattern: -


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Battle Ready Jade Lion Gim sword

The Jade Lion Jim Sword is a self defense civilian Wen Jian that is known as Scholar’s Sword, with a little flair other than the practical versions like Gim Sword specially made for the battlefield. This is a double bladed Chinese sword that is forging of swords began during the Han Dynasty and ultimately at some point during the Three Kingdoms period, the sword began being forged from steel.
Gim Sword

Cold Steel's battle worthy Gim (Wu Jian) is for serious collectors and practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts and amongst the most expensive in samurai swords.

This Jade sword series typically draws upon the same protective reputation, combining ceremonial, "dress" styling with "battle ready" performances. This also makes appropriate sense for the collectors specifically as well as martial artists in general. So you can say it is good for functional as well as decorative purposes.

Friday, 9 May 2014

British Museum-Swords of the British Army

British military swords are a symbol from the British era and are currently in trend as a collectible tool for antique military swords collectors. Great attention is paid in making of antique military swords. They are beautifully constructed at affordable and fascinating prices. People actually use them as antique wall hangings to reflect royalty of the place. Moreover, some people collect them as a part of hobby.

Each sword blade is made up of carbon steel blade with delicate engravings and a royal scabbard.  Also the nickel plated steel features a beautiful honeysuckle design. The size of scabbard for a sword fluctuates in different sizes (small or large). Some scabbard has been manufactured using rawhide with gold plated brass.