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British Household Cavalry Swords Revisited

The famous cavalry sword of 19th century was the most popular sword which was used to defeat enemies but which later started diminishing. The design of the cavalry sword was divided into three parts that is: - Trooper’s pattern, household cavalry swords, and the officer’s pattern. These swords were made beautifully with antique engravings embedded on it.

Famous British Military Sword

The blade of the household cavalry sword was quite similar to the officer’s pattern military sword. The two swords had similar scabbard designing that is brass scabbard (for life guards) in 1660 or iron scabbard (for the royal horse guards) in 1661. The royal horse guard was initially known as “Oxford Blues” but the term Oxford was not used and later dropped so only Blues remained and  hence known as household cavalry blues sword.

 The household cavalry sword comes with different versions like: -
      1)      Household Cavalry Officer’s Sword
      2)      Household Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

Both the versions had a slight difference and considered to be amongst the most prestigious swords. We will talk about it one by one going in depth. Some of the great versions are listed below: -

Household Cavalry Officer’s Sword

Household Cavalry Officer's Sword

These swords come up with number of versions but with a slight difference in their designing and weight part. The officer’s of the household cavalry followed the standard heavy cavalry versions.

- Sword Royal Horse Guards/Household Cavalry Pattern, 1788
-Sword Heavy Cavalry Pattern, 1796
-Sword Household Cavalry Dress Pattern, 1814
-Sword, 1st Life Guards Dress and Undress Pattern, 1834 and many more…

Household Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

Household Cavalry Trooper's Sword

In 1882 the household cavalry troopers were given a new pattern of 1882 sword. This sword comes with two lengths: - the 1882 short sword (for household cavalry band) and the 1882 longsword (for all household cavalry troopers) but later 1882 pattern short sword was discontinued. In both the sword's, hilt and the design were similar but the difference lied in the length of the blade and the weight.

Both the household cavalry pattern of it is still found today. You can gift any one of the antique military swords to antique collectors (to be placed as household cavalry museum) or who are in military side I am sure they will like it the most.

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