Friday, 9 May 2014

British Museum-Swords of the British Army

British military swords are a symbol from the British era and are currently in trend as a collectible tool for antique military swords collectors. Great attention is paid in making of antique military swords. They are beautifully constructed at affordable and fascinating prices. People actually use them as antique wall hangings to reflect royalty of the place. Moreover, some people collect them as a part of hobby.

Each sword blade is made up of carbon steel blade with delicate engravings and a royal scabbard.  Also the nickel plated steel features a beautiful honeysuckle design. The size of scabbard for a sword fluctuates in different sizes (small or large). Some scabbard has been manufactured using rawhide with gold plated brass.

These swords are specifically used by:-
     ·         Officers
     ·         Defense department
     ·         Antique collectors (British military swords).

At each stage of production, swords undergo quality checks to ensure that it meets all the requirements of the UK Ministry of Defense specification. These days they are manufactured using traditional methods.

The sword is either single edged or double edged straight blade (depending on the usage and need) used by British armed forces.
Wilkinson military swords are a kind of military swords made by Wilkinson Sword. This company is into the manufacturing of the swords from 1972 by Henry Nock, specializes in making stainless steel razor blades.

Many online store retailers from UK are offering different British swords and you can buy swords for sale uk at astonishing prices. You can also find military swords on sale from Canada along with UK. 

List of British Military Swords

   1.  Buglers’ Sword: - The Bugler Sword is in reality a Bugler version of the Drummers' Sword which was brought into being in 1895. The Bugler’s Sword was made in fact manufactured from polished steel but was later declared obsolete in 1903.

   2.  Highland Broadsword with Scabbard (also known as Highland Officer’s sword):- The Highland Broadsword is characterized by two-edged cut and thrust sword with a complete nickel-plated steel basket guard. This 1831 pattern Sword is also referred to as the Highland Officer's Sword. The Highland Officer's Sword was initially instigated in the traditional weaponry of Highland Officers.

   3.  Household Cavalry Troopers’ Sword (1831 pattern sword):-Being very much similar to the   officer’s version, the Household Cavalry Trooper’s Sword of 1892 is characterized by a heavy single-edged blade. The bowls is intricately engraved and pricked, with the initials HC intertwined.

   4.  Infantry sword: - A wonderful characteristic about this sword is that the guard of the three-quarter basket hilt is penetrated and etched with a scroll design that incorporates the royal cipher of the current sovereign and is shaped from nickel-plated steel.
There are lots more medieval swords which are from British era

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