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Cavalry Swords & Its Types & History

Around the world, the cavalry swords were  considered as the most popular military swords used in the major wars in the past and even in the world wars as well. The British cavalry swords were also being used in the famous battles like Waterloo and the charge of the Light Brigade. Many of these military swords also posted their presence at the Napoleonic period, Crimean, Boer and First World War as well.

Today, these British military swords including the cavalry swords, Infantry swords, are not used in wars any more as they have been replaced by the automatic weapons of the modern times. They now have become memories of the past glories and at present they are being used as presentation swords and ceremonial swords at some occasions like National Day, Republic Day, or in any military ceremonies. 

Today, I am going to list some of the famous Cavalry swords and the history behind them.

The 1908 Pattern Cavalry Trooper's Sword

1908 Pattern Cavalry Trooper's Sword Windlasssword

The 1908 (including the 1912 pattern) pattern Cavalry sword is considered as the last service sword provided to the cavalry force of the British Army. You can say that that was the last introduction or occurrence of the most effective and ironic cavalry swords. After that the swords finally become obsolete as military weapons. The 1908 cavalry sword was purely optimized for thrusting. The length of the blade is just over 35 inches (890 mm). Once, King Edward VII described the sword as “hideous ”, when the pattern was submitted to him for approval.

The 1912 Pattern Cavalry Officer's Sword

1912 Pattern Cavalry Officer's Sword Windlassword

Until 1912, officers only carry their hilted or three-bar hilted cut-and-thrust swords. In 1912, there was an introduction to an officer’s pattern sword which mirrored that carried by the men. The 1912 Pattern cavalry officer's sword is of the same basic form as the 1908 trooper's version, but in a more decorative form.  There were some minor modifications to the 1908 pattern sword to transform it completely into a new sword. The blades were plain for the officers, the grip was same, but the rubber grip was replaced by On the front of the bowl guard, the 1912 sword had an engraved floral pattern, mimicking the honeysuckle pattern which had been common on officer's swords throughout the 19th Century.


U.S. 1860 HEAVY CAVALRY SABER Windlasssword

This U S 1960 heavy cavalry swords or light saber was used in the US cavalry. These are also being used in the civil wars in America, Indian wars and some of these were also used in the Spanish American Wars. You would have seen that these heavy cavalry sword’s length runs around 35 to 41 inches and weight around 3 to 10 oz. The M1860 Sabre received its name to distinguish it from the larger and heavier Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Sabre that it replaced. Like its predecessor, it had a brass guard, leather-wrapped grip and steel scabbard, but unlike the M1840 it was smaller and easier to handle. Now a days, these cavalry swords are used as presentation swords and ceremonial swords on some auspicious occassions like National Day, Military ceremonies and as awards for some military personnel.

British Heavy Cavalry Sword - 1796 Pattern

British Heavy Cavalry Sword - 1796 Pattern Windlasssword

The 1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Swords were one among the swords used by the British heavy Cavalry. These are generally given to Lifeguards, Royal Horse Guards, Dragoon Guard and Dragoons, King's German Legion Dragoons, through most of the period of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It played an especially notable role, in the hands of British cavalrymen, at the battles of Salamanca and Waterloo. The pattern was adopted by Sweden and was used by some Portuguese cavalry.

So that’s my take on the various Cavalry swords.

I need to say that at the present time, there might be not official use of these cavalry swords except for the ceremonial purpose.

I also want to conclude that there might be several Cavalry swords which I might have missed to mention. I would appreciate any comments and suggestion to the above discussed topic.

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  1. The cavalry sword is being used as an official ceremonial sword being used by cavalry army.